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Services & Resources from NJ Dept. of Human Services

The New Jersey Department of Human Services has put out a comprehensive list of services available for those who may be struggling with healthcare, food access, mental health support, and other basic needs.  A full list of services and resources can be found here - https://bit.ly/3dFVy57

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COVID-19 Social Services Update

Helplines/Hotlines/Call Centers- up to date referrals Adult Protective Services, 24/7 1-800-624-0275 Alcoholics Anonymous 24/7** 908-687-8566 BC Communications 24/7 201-785-8505 Bergan County Crisis

Free or Low-Cost Internet Access

Comcast Internet Essentials – low cost internet and devices for eligible low-income individuals/families First 2 months free, $9.95 per month thereafter Increased speeds from 15/2Mbps to 25/3Mbps Low

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students

While this resource is meant to provide college students and young people with quality information on maintaining good mental health and identifying mental health issues, it is not meant to take the p

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